General Questions

Support is web based and can be accessed between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by emailing to . Include in the email your name and telephone number along with how we may help you. An email or telephone call can be expected within 3 hours of receipt of your email by our support team.

Required fields that must be completed are marked by an asterisk * on the account setup page. You must also check the box indicating you Agree to the Terms of Service. Your order will not be placed or confirmed unless all required fields are completed.

Your Coach or Player Representative has that information and would have been outlined in an email or hand-out to you or your player. Typically shipping occurs 21 days after your store closes.

Yes, our system generates an email to the address that you entered in your account setup. Please make sure that you correctly enter your email address since we receive many bounced emails due to incorrect email addresses. Insight Broadband Security Suite blocks many emails containing HTML’s which includes our Confirmation emails. Please allow emails from within the Security Suite software. We will make every effort to resend any bounced or returned emails using non HTML messages.

We do not exchange or issue refunds for orders. During the checkout process, you are agreeing that exchanges and refunds will not be honored. Most of the products featured on our Team Stores are embellished and cannot be returned to our vendors. We make every attempt to provide you with product descriptions and sizing charts to limit any possible problems with your order.

All products, designs and personalization options have been approved by your Coaching Staff or Team Representative. If personalization of an item on the Store is not offered as an option, requests to add personalization will not be honored

We are unable to add items to orders that are not offered your Team Store. Items offered have been chosen and approved by the coach and sales representative.

Payments are processed immediately upon check out.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.

Unfortunately, we can not accept orders after your store has closed.

Youth and Women's will be listed in the name of the product.  If no gender is specified, the item is an adult men's size.  If a specific size is not offered, it was not available.

Follow the prompts on the checkout screen for lost passwords.